Do you want to know what will be the first sensation that you feel arriving in Verucchio?

An incredible WOW effect! … the magic of the territory is all to discover.

You will be in silences that you almost tough inexistent.
You will be wrapped in walls with a fascinating story.
You will paint you with dazzling colors of nature.
You will be immersed in the authentic favors of our Romagna.
And finally you will breathe… in an atmosphere of total relax!

Enter in the Oste and #Unplugs!

That will be for you a stay of #work, of #sport or of #wellness, Your travel will be to #taste!

Word of Oste!

#notraffic #nostress #takeiteasy

The Oste del Castello Wellness & Bike Hotel is in Verucchio, a residence of 1700 restored e arredata with noble materials of Romagna that puts you in direct contact with History and nature, for its location over all the Valmarecchia.

The Oste del Castello is in the heart of Verucchio, near the main square and it was build over a lattice of caves, which is abundant in all the Old Town. Some of them can be admire falling down at the restaurant “Al Mastin Vecchio“or in the exclusive “Grotta del Benessere“.


choose the package you prefer ...

Offer bikes for all pedals

Relax & Wellness, in Verucchio, a sole memory!

Packet Relax & Wellness

Sole Sensations stole the mood of the guests: the chirping of birds in the valley, the shy stroke of the clock in the square, the comforting buzz of life from the village.

…wake up in the morning in the warm sheets and in the silence that remember the history and the nature!

An authentic ray of sunshine fills the room and opening the window the early wind makes us breathe deeply what life every day makes us forget…

“Coupon groupon ”

I've been there with my housband using a coupon bought on Groupon,we went back home now, the staff was very polite, everything very tidy, clean, you can reach the restaurant and the Spa by the lift. The hotel, also in the parking, is really suggestive. The only flaw was the…
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Reviewed on TripAdvisor 5

Beautiful hotel in a lovely location

Great service from the staff at this beautiful hotel which was very good value for money. Verucchio is a lovely location with amazing views over the Romagna countryside. The spa is small (feels crowded with more than 6 people in it) but very atmospheric. The food in the evening was…
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Reviewed on TripAdvisor 5

Immersed in a dream

We stayed for a short time in this hotel. The standard attic room is really hospital, clean and of right size...I can't immagine the beauty of the other rooms!
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Reviewed on TripAdvisor 5
Sabrina S

Quality and Quantity!!!

Nothing to say at this restaurant!! Quality and quantity are the key words! I had a great lunch! Also the hotel dad some beautiful ambients. Polite staff! Tipical dishes are excellent! Very good!! I'll return!!
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Reviewed on TripAdvisor 5
Giuseppe G

Beautiful experience

We had a great time,we had the possibility to try the wellness cave and it was very relaxing!! Also the restaurant was very good with many tipical and particular dishes. To repeat!
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Reviewed on TripAdvisor 5

“Surrounded by wellness”

A place really hospital … understood like the virtue that leads to feed and host the people, especially those who don't need to be host and feed. A place where the polite staff hospital the guests make them like at home, accompaning them in hot ambients like a castle, that…
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Reviewed on TripAdvisor 5

Just perfect

We spent a wonderful time at the hotel. The service was very good, everybody was very friendly and helpful. We rented roadbikes there and were very satisfied with them. The room was clean and comfortable, we had a nice view over the Valley. We rode ways suggested by the Hotel…
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Reviewed on TripAdvisor 5


A fantastic place, everything ok in my room, in the tower we had every confort including the private pool, nothing missed , perfect and high quality forniture, beautiful panorama, excellent service, a wonderwall room.
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Reviewed on TripAdvisor 5

“To try!”

Beautiful structure, well kept, clean and confort reign. Really suggestive, for the houses and for the local places. I'll return! The restaurant is fantastic. Quality and charme sure!
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Reviewed on TripAdvisor 4

“The golden rose”

A beautiful experience, good and relaxing in the golden rose, we pass three beautiful days. At the restaurant Mastin Vecchio we ate very well, an hospital staff, I'll return. Really advised
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Reviewed on TripAdvisor 5


A beautiful place where we had relax and a great time. The Spa is a little bit small but really hospital. Very good also the restaurant in the hotel where we've been to have dinner and for breakfast and we were very happy.  December 2014
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Reviewed on TripAdvisor 5