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It's to wake up in the morning in the warmth of sheets, so fresh and all around the silence full of history and nature! The twittering of birds that have the whole valley as their home, the shy striking of the clock in the square of the village, the woman that has just bought some fresh bread is talking with her neighbour .
A ray of the sun, genuine, overruns the room and opening the window the light breeze of early morning make us breathe deeply everything that our daily lives make us forget .


The hotel Oste del Castello is a building of the 1700 painstakingly restored and furnished with noble materials of the Romagna land and it will take you in touch with history and nature because of its strategic position on the entire Marecchia Valley.


The hotel is in the earth of Verucchio, just near the main square and it was built on a reticle of tufaceous grottos, little caves and tunnels of which all the centre is full of. It is possible to admire some of these going downstairs to the Mastin Vecchio restaurant or in our “Wellness Grotto”.
Very near there is an archaeological area where it has been found a necropolis rich of extraordinary and unique remains of the Etruscan - Villanovan period dated from the IX Th to VI Th century AC.


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