If you cycle with friend it’ll be funner

If there is a thing that make the cyclist different is the sharing. Form groups and cycling together is always a good experience, better if you can count on a guide who live in the territory, a bike lover, that know all the itineraries, he can show it telling some story about the place.

A guided escursion a week!

Some of our guided itineraries

Starting and finishing in Verucchio, where you can see the Valmarecchia, there are many routes that you can choose, based on your training and your preference.

The territory is particular and is full of tipical villages to see, of old storyes, misteries, festivals where you can find the traditions.

For this reason have an expert in the hotel, the guide with cycling is better, because is important practise some cyclingtour between Romagna and Marche

Between the guided tour that we can run together there is San Marino, San Leo, Monte Carpegna or Cesenatico, following the champion Marco Pantani, and many others!


Immersed in a dream

We stayed for a short time in this hotel. The standard attic room is really hospital, clean and of right size...I can't immagine the beauty of the other rooms!
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Reviewed on TripAdvisor 5

Just perfect

We spent a wonderful time at the hotel. The service was very good, everybody was very friendly and helpful. We rented roadbikes there and were very satisfied with them. The room was clean and comfortable, we had a nice view over the Valley. We rode ways suggested by the Hotel…
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Reviewed on TripAdvisor 5
Giuseppe G

Beautiful experience

We had a great time,we had the possibility to try the wellness cave and it was very relaxing!! Also the restaurant was very good with many tipical and particular dishes. To repeat!
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Reviewed on TripAdvisor 5